Firewall not found on the user panel? Help.

I recently installed CIS with in the last 10 days. V. 7.0.31799.4142
I see configuration and security settings , but it ends there.
I am following Chiron’s posting on how to install and tweak CIS.
Why do I not see a listing / TAB for firewall, and how do I get firewall to activate?

I have malwarebytes running on this computer also.

Also, I am suspicious of several things I have seen with Comodo. and i have made screen prints of these and attached them for you to view and evaluate, and tell me : what may have caused it: is it safe or not and what to do about them.

My computer is using XP home edition version 2002 with service pack 3 and Pentium 4 2.93Ghz. it is an older HP tower computer sitting on a desk in my home.
Thanks I look forward to your help.

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The issues you are experiencing could possibly be caused by parts of programs which are being sandboxed. Please go through the Unrecognized Files list and check all of them by following the advice I give on this page. Then, if they seem safe add them to the Trusted Files list. See if that gets rid of the error messages.

As for your question about not seeing a listing/TAB for the firewall, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Would it be possible to explain this in greater detail or perhaps attach a screenshot for clarification.


If the earlier messages have not made it to you, perhaps this one will arrive safely to you. I t has attached screen shots of the comodo user interface I have questions about, and that I don’t see fire wall any where.
Also are screen shots of issues and questions i have with sand box and sand boxed items. Perhaps you can help by looking at these and telling me what it is I’m seeing and how to better understand sand box and its purpose and to properly use it. Plus tell me where fire wall
settings are hiding in Comodo. I’m using a HP tower with windows XP and service pack 3.

Thanks once again for your excellent help! and noting that I’m not a power user, just a humble home owner, who needs lead by the hand a ways before letting me soar with Comodo.
Thanks Chiron! :-TU :-TU

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I have glanced over some of the images (and for future reference it would be helpful if these were attached directly to the post instead of in zip files) and it looks to me like you have Comodo Antivirus installed, which does not have the Firewall component. Can you please check this for me?


I checked, and you are correct! :-TU
Now tell me i can easily add Comodo firewall to my Comodo anti virus?

After that Might I ask you for additional help with understanding Comodo features?

At the moment I am wondering if I can export the list of trusted vendors that comodo has listed on my computer?

Because I want to share the list and others, with the person at malwarebytes forum, who is helping me discover why malwarebytes will not fully activate. Plus I don’t recognize any of the names listed as safe vendors, some I even question. example: Assistance and resources for computing. Inc.; ppedvAG; EnTech Taiwan ; Redfine SP. z o.o. ; Christof Schmutz; Cie studios ; Cine -tal systems; and there appears to be a couple hundred more from what I see!

SO is there a means to export this list to a txt doc. or something that I can attach it to a posting?

Hi flywelder,
To add the Firewall simply run Comodos ‘Add and Remove Components’ wizard, please see the help file below.
Switch Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)

In regards to the TVL, please see the link below.
Where’s the trusted vendor list?

Kind regards.

Thanks to all who responded. :-TU I have CIS completely installed on my XP with SP3 system, and loving it! Love how it protects and finds infections, and then automatically cleans them! Super product! My last two issues are:

  1. tweaking firewall and actually setting CIS up completely as Chrion instructs. can I get a link to Chiron’s instructions for setting up and tweaking CIS for XP please?

  2. getting my last Qs answered in a posting that a Comodo expert was helping me with, but it seems has abandoned me suddenly with out looking at any of the posted results?
    Thank you.

Hi flywelder,

  1. How to Install Comodo Firewall-techsupportalert (gizmo’s)

  2. Sorry you feel abandoned in another topic, I am certain that is not anyone’s intention.
    It could be the other member has run out of suggestions to be able to help or is time poor.
    Or it could be accidentally missed due to hectic lifestyles.
    Remember it is a community based Forum and we all help each other when we can.
    Moderators, Star Group members etc are all volunteers.
    If it is a real concern for you, I suggest sending a PM to the member to ask if they can help further.

Thank you.