Firewall not filtering / blocking as expected

I’m probably overlooking something but something’s off with the firewall.

I expect it to pop up a dialog / message whenever something new attempts to access the internet, but that’s not happening.

As an example, I launched LYNX, which is a text based browser for the internet, (yes, it still exists), and did not get a popup for the program. Program was able to browse the internet and download content without restriction.

I constructed several programs that accessed the internet, inconsistent results with the popups, some are allowed without a popup, others get a popup.

On the other hand, I’ll get frequent popups on some of my programs that are merely reading the registry for information they need to operate correctly.

Seriously, can’t post this in the correct forum?


While installations allways make sure to look for any buttons to customize or disable things you dont want.

In default installation you get disabled notifications in comodo and some extra things installed.

I recommend to use proactive policy.
Then make all settings for firewall and hips. Especially disable “hide notifications”.

For firewall enable custom rule set.
For hips you can use safe mode.

But make all settings one time. This is important for security software to know what you got.

Program needs a “report” so my settings can be posted here on the forums.

So, basically, custom rule set is the one you want to use because you roll it (create it) as you go.

Wasn’t clear on that before.