Firewall not blocking since 3.10

Since I have installed CIS 3.10 the firewall stopped blocking. With all previous version comodo firewall would block 30 - 40 in an hour. Now it shows it blocked nothing. The log also shows it blocked nothing.

Can you please check your firewall rules ?
Some people are complaining about losing rules from the 3.9.x version, maybe yours are also gone and that could be the reason you no longer see blocks…

I have always used default rules. Never changed anything.

What, exactly, was it blocking before?

Under the summary tab you see the following:

The firewall has blocked (a number) intrusions so far

This would always be about 25 - 30 in an hour. By the end of the day it would be about 500.

since 3.10 this number is at zero and the log is empty. So its not blocking.

Seems to be working fine here. Do you have any blocked events in your firewall logs?

Hi, with 3.10 the Global rules are changed under the firewall, he should stealth all ports which he might have omitted to do upon 3.10 installation, he should then see action under the firewall logs :-TU
Xman 8)