Firewall not blocking ports set in Global Rules.

I tried setting a series of ‘Allow’ rules on my Comodo Firewall Global Rules section.

However, I’ve noticed that the ports that aren’t set to be ‘Allowed’ and that I have specified as ‘Blocked’ still have processes communicating on them.

This is confirmed by running netstat from the Command Prompt.

Is this indicative of malware (I have run multiple AV scans of Comodo and many other security products)?

How can I prevent processes Listening and Establishing connections on ports that I have already specified to be blocked in Comodo Firewall?

Are you talking about inbound or outbound connection?
CIS manages them in a different way (global rules first, then app rules or the other way around).

You can check details here Global Rules, Firewall Protection, Best Firewall, Network Connection - COMODO