Firewall not blocking Apps

I have just installed v8 of Comodo Firewall onto a fresh install of windows 8.1

Normally when I do a fresh install of Comodo and set the firewall to custom then I am always asked if I want to allow apps, web browser, virus checker, ms updates etc to connect to the Internet or not. But I am not being given the option! What setting other than custom in the main interface have I to do to make Comodo aske me each time a app wants internet access? I normally have the option and if I want it to remember which suites me fine. But this installed version is giving me no option and It’s very annoying as my bandwidth is being used up.

See attached image. I hope that answers your question.

[attachment deleted by admin]

That is the setting I have shown in the red box. Enable traffic filtering is ticked and I have custom Rulset set. But Comodo has not asked about any apps connecting to the net. Normally as soon as the firewall is installed I get bombarded with requests for internet access. I have had none! Comodo has started on boot up alright as I am bombarded with the HIPS requests. I have installed window fresh again and Comodo but still not working. Is there a command I can type in the run box to test and know for sure?

Now for some reason the firewall has decided to start working. Before that I would click on firefox and it would not even open which I suspect had something to do with Comodo. But now I keep getting requests to allow firefox internet access even though I have the box ticked to remember. I never had all these problems with comodo before. It used to be the case of selecting custom in the firewall setting and everything worked fine. Comodo is very good when it’s working but i’m about to look for another firewall as I have been wasting hours of my time with this v8 and the previous version that would not start at bootup.

Did you change the alert frequency to a higher setting than with v7? That could explain why you keep on getting alerts.

Can you run Diagnostics and see if it reports an error? Diagnostics can be found under the Question mark symbol towards the upper right corner.

The problem with the client not starting at boot could easily be fixed. Still an inconvenience that righteously bugged and worried a lot users. It was not a security risk because the underwater processes that do the actual protection were running.

Yes. I had changed the alert frequency to very high as I thought that would force the firewall to let me control outgoing apps.
I have now set all settings as shown in the picture you provided. Hopefully none of them will use excessive cpu as many of the features will be beyond my understanding. Seems to be working fine now. Not sure what fixed it. I’m guessing default setting after installing must have changed since previous versions as I never had this problem before.

I did the Diagnostics test and no errors.

Thank you. :slight_smile: