Firewall not blocking anything

This is a follow up to my last post, similar subject m, but the situation has worsened.
Now Internet connection Icon Shows OK (Blue mark an Icon) Windows Vista Home premium SP2.

Comodo shows (almost) no activity at all, but all my Internet connected applications are working.
See screen shot
In fact as can be seen, I have set ‘Block all’ mode and it has no effect!!

Dose anyone know what is happening this is a serous worry.

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sggaunt, please confirm if you have Vista x32 or x64. In addition, check the Windows Event logs at around the time of install and system startup. You’re looking for any entries relating to CIS. Also confirm that CIS’s service (cmdagent.exe) is running. Thanks.

PS If AVG has some sort of web proxy, then traffic could easily evade CIS if it doesn’t know about the proxy & is not checking loopback requests.

Hi Kail
System is Vista X32
I found these events (see screen shots) related to Comodo, None have the Text ‘CIS’
Note that I noticed this problem before the update to Version 3.10

Ok I opened Task manager and No I dont see cmdagent.

But then I opened foe all users and there it is !!!

I dont know about AVG using a Web Proxiy , but the latest version SWT certainly has introduced it in the latest update, however I have it Disabled.

Other possible causes? A recent install of Ad-Aware Aniversery edition ?

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With cmdagent.exe not running, then I suspect something has prevented CIS from installing correctly. With cmdagent.exe absent, CIS is certainly not functioning correctly.

Start-up blocking aside, I don’t believe Ad-Aware could do this (unless it’s changed), however both SWT & AVG are probably quite capable of interfering with CIS’ installation. Dig a little deeper in the Event Logs, to where CIS’s installation & immediate start-up took place. Also check SWT’s & AVG’s Logs for any clues.

Woah… hang on, cmdagent.exe is running in the final screen shot (all users). Are you running as a limited user?

The machine is set up to autoboot into a normal (default for vista) user i.e not as an administrator accounty, however there is a hidden Administrator account set-up.

I’m not familiar, personally, with this type of set-up. So, you’ll need to wait for someone more knowledgeable than myself to reply. However, I am concerned that this is the crux of the issue. I assume CIS was installed using the hidden Admin account? Also please confirm that CIS is set to “Enable Alerts for loopback requests” (Firewall - Advanced - Firewall Behavior Settings - Alert Setting tab), thanks.

No CIS was installed, (and just updated) in the Normal User Account.
Loopback thing is ON (see screen shot)

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Update : I thought I would try the diagnostics facility (despite installing a new version which you might think would fix most things?). This said that there was problem, and then I got a (Windows) pop up asking if I wanted to install ‘Comodo network service’, clicked OK and then got a ‘Diagnostics has fixed your installation’. Now seeing Traffic again!
Says I need a restart, I will post again later to report what happens, It would still be nice to know what might have happened to cause this , What is Comodo network service etc?