Firewall not Blocking anything [Fixed]

Hello there,

I have just installed Comodo Internet Security Premium and I’ve just tried tweaking the settings. Sometimes there are programs that I would want to prevent from accessing the internet indefinitely, and I like that in Comodo Firewall, you can set rules for individual files; I have found however that it doesn’t seem to work.

For example, in the Network Security Policy, I added Chrome.exe from ‘Running Processes’ tab, and used the predefined policy of ‘Blocked Application’ which I think should ‘Block All Incoming and Outgoing Requests.’ However when I open Google Chrome, it still manages to access the internet.

I also tried in the ‘Block All’ option at the Firewall Behavior Settings which I think is supposed to disabled anything not related to CIS to cease networking capabilities, but most programs are still able to access the internet, Chrome, Yahoo! Messenger, et cetera.

Is this to be expected or is there something I should do first?

Thank you for all the help,

Hi feeveer,

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Well if you switch to ‘block all’ it should block all even Comodo’s own traffic so there is something wrong.
Can you tell me which OS you are running? and if there is/was any other security software installed on your system to matter Real-Time or On-Demand?

Thank you Ronny,

Im running on a Windows 7 Ultimate, and I had a previous security software Kaspersky PURE, but I uninstalled it though.

Can you try to run diagnostics to see if it gives an error (More → Diagnostics).

And is the OS 32 or 64 bit?

Hi again,

My operating system has the 64-bit interface. I’ve also run the Diagnostics and CIS found some problems which I allowed to have it fixed by itself, and everything is working fine now. I was unaware of that option.

Thank you so much for your help! :smiley:

Your welcome, glad it’s fixed.