Firewall NOOB please check out my settings :)

Hey guys,

I’m a firewall noob…so I’m just learning to be more security conscience. I’m trying to run an application (ie firefox, filezilla ftp, etc) to only use my VPN connection, but if my VPN connection were to go down, no packets should be sent or received via application in question. So in other words no leaks outside my VPN connection.

After some testing, it would seem that the application would initially stop transmitting and receiving packets, BUT would default to my open unencrypted network interface and continue data transmission :frowning: Do my settings look OK to you guys? What am I missing??

Well, but you allready ask advanced questions :smiley:

Just trying to say… Dont get confused with too much security while you can not handle it with routine. That might lead to a decrease of security if you do something wrong.

You are obfuscating the destination address of the VPN conncection. Can you tell what you filled in for the destination address of the VPN server? The IP address or a MAC address? The reason for asking is that the name seems to suggest you might be using a MAC address.

I’m currently in the IT Profession, but my job specifics are far far away from networks and security :frowning:

But thanks for the advice, baby steps right? lol


Yes the VPN connection I’ve created in the Network Zone is the MAC of my TAP Win32 Adapter (OpenVPN connection).

From there, I specified the predefined policy to and from the VPN MAC. I wanted to use MAC, because depending on my needs, I’m always switching back and forth between servers in different countries and I wasn’t sure if this would change my internal 10.XXX.XXX.XXX IP address. Does my logic sound right?

Thanks again for checking out my post!!