Firewall no more blocking?

i had used comodo firewall pro v3 for 1 month n satisfied with it until i updated my firewall to v3.0.17. then after i’ve never seen my firewall blocking any intrusion attempt. even i tried changing the settings. any1 has any idea?

and also my comodo firewall just cant update to v.3.0.18 successfully.

thx in advance

Your better off doing a complete uninstall and then install version 309. Use Revo Uninstall in Advanced mode and when Comodo says reboot, don’t. Click next on Revo and delete all registry entries it finds ( you have to select he boxes) and delete all program files also. Reboot and install 309. After your install is done and you reboot Comodo will learn. Once everything is calm then open up Comodo and go to Firewall\Common Tasks\Stealth Port Wizard. Once there select " Block all incoming connections". That will give you the settings you need for Global rules and you will see intrusions building up in the main GUI but you will not get alerts. Just look at your log.

Have you tried setting the firewall sensitivity to very high?

That effects your alert not intrusion counter in the main GUI. That will just give you alot more pop ups.