Firewall: No Connections, 0 Inbound, 0 Outbound

Dear experts,

I have Windows 10, Comodo version, Firewall in Safe mode.

This question was part of another issue here, but deserves a separate thread as it does not sound like it’s part of the original issue: other people reporting that Chinese-character-in-logs issue did not mention this symptom.

Firewall screen shows that there are “0 Inbound” and “0 Outbound” things going on and “No Connections” even though I am clearly connected to Internet, and Comodo Icon itself is showing traffic with little red and green arrows.

Please see attached screenshot.

To see if firewall is working at all, I tried to block all traffic from tray icon option and it worked right away. I also tried to change an Application rule to block traffic from my browser, but that only worked upon reboot. Removing the rule also did not work until after reboot. (Waiting “long enough” did not help.) So overall, firewall appears to work (even if reboot is required for rule changes).

What does that “No Connections” / 0 Inbound / 0 Outbound symptom mean?

I run nothing on this box except for Microsoft software, Comodo firewall (Safe mode) / HIPS (safe mode) / Secure Shopping, Avira AntiVir antivirus, Libre Office, Symantec VIP Access software. I only visit known / good websites on this system and do nothing else. This is my “clean” system. I am running Windows 10 with some SRP policies and other security tweaks.

Thank you!