Firewall + new private network alert

I recieved a pop up saying that Comodo had discovered a new private network. This is the second time this has happened, the first time I clicked OK (I think) and the second time I clicked cancel. But both times, I lost my internet connection…sort of…I was connected to a “private network” and comodo indicated that I was connected (I had outbound traffic) but I was unable to connect thru my browser.

I spent about 45 minutes (I said I was clueless) poking around blindly asking windows to do various tests on my networking and internet connection.
I remember very little about the various “solutions” except that they didn’t work.
At one point it said that my IP wasn’t configured properly?

The first time this happened I made a selection somewhere in windows and I somehow returned to my normal “Network2-Home Network” but today, I was unable to retrace my steps.
I turned off Comodo and turned on windows firewall. Ran all the tests again–no luck.
Then I restarted the computer and it all returned to normal.

I have returnrd to Comodo, but I would love it if someone could explain what may have happened, and how I can avoid this in the future, or maybe just list the steps to take to fix this if it happens again.


Windows 7 home premium

The new network alert probably was for an address in the 169 range. That happens when Windows does not see another network and as a consequence sees no DHCP server to get an IP address from.

The causes to why this is happening vary. Your modem or router might be rebooting, a cable is acting up, driver issues…

Try repairing the connection and check the modem/router logs to see if it rebooted or not.

Thanks for the reply ;D
I think I searched for all the wrong words, but I found this thread after poking around…;msg300650#msg300650

I do have my ports set to stealth…do you think I should create a global rule as supplied in this post?

Also, I forgot to mention in my original post that I am using the Comodo DNS…fyi

thanks again

You can follow Ronny’s tutorial for that.