Firewall never asks me for any Program

Hi there
4 days ago , i tried to uninstall CIS ver 4 and something went to freeze so i removed uninstaller from Task manager and deleted all files in Program Files without running uninstaller and i used Clean tools batch from This Forum.

now i installed Latest Version of CIS and Process of installer was successful but problem is that Firewall don’t ask me for every program that connect to Internet ( i always set Custom Policy)

so i use Diagnostics and says " The Diagnostics did not find any problem " , wonder that i can’t close this message or click “Ok” .the only way to close message is that shutdown “cfgconfig.exe” from Task manager.

here Screen shot
mind that i use Win 7

[attachment deleted by admin]

When you use the clean up tool when uninstalling is not working it is mandatory to reboot and run the tool again after the reboot. Otherwise there may still be parts not getting uninstalled properly.