Firewall monitors turned off

Comodo firewall has recently had an attack where the Application Monitor, Component Monitor, Network Monitor & Application Behaviour Analysis are all turned Off and locked - I cannot change the state. !ot!
I have Uninstalled the firewall, cleaned the registry & all files, rebooted, re installed, re booted, and the firewall comes up again with the same result.
Have I done something wrong.

BTW the attack also disabled AVG email monitor, turned off network access, & set Outlook Express to check for messages every 10 minutes. They were intent on getting in.
I also now cannot resolve Domain names in Ping tests, bit can resolve IP addresses.

Any suggestions would be VERY welcome.

Sounds like malware. My suggestion is to go to Malware University. They are great at helping.


What kind of an attack did you have?

Try these guidelines about scanning for malware: .