Firewall: Loop of update notification and reboot that doesn't stop

In the last several days I’ve received notofocations that updates are available. I clicked to download and install, I am prompted to reboot and after the reboot I get the notification again. I went through this twice and got the notification a 3rd time.

What’s going on?

Updated 10/20/2011: Program updates are released as of today. Updating from CIS 5.5 to CIS 5.8 There will be a 2 stage updating mechanism for old users. The initial update will be updating the updater to the latest version which is capable of upgrading to CIS 5.8.

Updating from CIS 5.8.x.2124 to CIS 5.8.x.2131

If you have CIS 5.8.x.2124 installed, you will also receive a small update. Pls check the updated release notes for details.

Hi oao,
Please try these instructions here as a workaround.