Firewall logs to Comodo server on Allow/Deny Alerts ? [Resolved]

Hello. I am a new user. It appears to me that when i click allow that comodo f/wall is logging to your site. Is this correct ? thnx.

Any comments?.<

maxxed: welcome to your forum.

I’d like to answer, but I don’t understand your question. Please provide more info. Thankx.

Thnx, I will try. When iex ask permission to use another program to connect to the internet via a popup there will be a allow or deny button. above that is info asking to send to comodo for analyis.If I click allow does this info get logged to to this site.I am sure this is standard, just for my to know.thnx again.

Ah I see. Clicking deny or allow never sends anything info to this site or any other site. For it to send to Comodo servers for analysis, you would have to click on that blue link (Send to COMODO for analysis) as shown on my pic:

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Thnx Soya for the (:HUG)exp.


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