Firewall logs don't sort by Date & Time correctly

Firewall logs don’t sort by ascending or descending date
Can you reproduce the problem & if so how reliably?:
Yes, every time.
If you can, exact steps to reproduce. If not, exactly what you did & what happened:
1:Open up Comodo Firewall
2:Click on Network Inrusions
3:click Date & Time
One or two sentences explaining what actually happened:
The first time Date & time is clicked, it sorts by oldest firewall log first. When Date & time is clicked a second time, the logs from ten days ago till current do not show up in logs at all until the log window is closed and opened again.
One or two sentences explaining what you expected to happen:
We expect that log entries will not “disappear” when toggling Date & time
If a software compatibility problem have you tried the advice to make programs work with CIS?:
Any software except CIS/OS involved? If so - name, & exact version:
Any other information, eg your guess at the cause, how you tried to fix it etc:
No idea

Exact CIS version & configuration:
CIS, Firewall security
Modules enabled & level. D+/HIPS, Autosandbox/BBlocker, Firewall, & AV:
Sandbox, firewall
Have you made any other changes to the default config? (egs here.):
Block and log dropped packets.
Have you updated (without uninstall) from CIS 5, 6 or 7?:
if so, have you tried a a a clean reinstall - if not please do?:
Have you imported a config from a previous version of CIS:
if so, have you tried a standard config - if not please do:
OS version, SP, 32/64 bit, UAC setting, account type, V.Machine used:
Windows 10 Professional, 64 bit, UAC on
Other security/s’box software a) currently installed b) installed since OS, including initial trial security software included with system:
a=No b=?

Should be fixed with See similar issue here.