Firewall log request

Is possible to see more information in firewall log?

Some like blocked DOS attack, Attack name

Not only port and ip

a firewall is no action movie. (even though, comodo calls the number of blocked somethings from the internet “intrusion attempts” or “tries of attack” in translation… thats why i understand your request :smiley: )

as i saw with my router, when you activate “log attacks”, the log stayed empty. most of the things that you see in your log is nothing important, but something not important should not annoy your pc, so its luckily blocked by the firewall.
the benefit of a firewall IS that you dont notice when someone tries to “hack” you. a week later you would look in the log, and OMG i was tried to be hacked, but i didnt noticed it omg…
thats what a firewall is for!

how should your firewall know the name of an attack? ddos you would see, when several adresses appear very fast in a row, or even a single one fast (of course, both blocked in log).
everything that has been blocked should be “unimportant, not existent, never happened”. if your setting is well.