Firewall log not work perfect


Has anyone noticed that the firewall log CIS at the highest level (version 5.8.213334.2131) is not working ?

The suspect incoming traffic blocked is not showing or recording.

Test all ports with " Shields UP! " and look: GRC | ShieldsUP! — Internet Vulnerability Profiling  


Can you tell us what your Global firewall rules are please. You can post an image using Additional Options when you reply.


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Good Evening Henrique - RJ,

Are you behind a router/modem firewall? IF So, Than GRC Shields Up is probing your Router not your PC’s Firewall thus You’ll recieve if any to none alerts/logs in CIS regards to the Shields Up Test.

Hope this helps


In addition to Jacobs comments, you have a Global rule which blocks unsolicited inbound connections but logging is not enabled, so these connection attempts will be blocked silently.

But I has selected in the configurations to be logged (look the screenshot in the post) and I don’t have rooter/modom firewall.

I edited the rule for logged now.

Thank very much

Just to make sure. See image.

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Now it’s work.

Thanks very much.