Firewall log not logging incoming connection attemps etc?

Evening folks, my wife & I are trying to get this firewall configured properly & after spending much time on here reading I just can’t seem to figure out why the firewall log isn’t showing a thing in going on 7 hours. On the main screen “Network Defense” it says “the firewall has blocked 0 intrusion attempt (s) so far”

we have the firewall set to log events but the log isn’t showing one event of any kind…I know we all like a firewall to not constantly distract us with alerts but not one seems to tell me things aren’t set-up as they should be…even after going to GRC to scan the pc’s ports not one entry in the firewall log?

It must be an error on my part, I never heard of a firewall that is set to log incoming connection attempts to not have one in over six hours & after a port scan at GRC.

Nothing seems to trigger a “Firewall Event”…is there an on line test besides GRC that is safe but should show a probe or something?
I know some might say why bother…but how do we know it’s actually functioning without testing it right.

Thanks for any help offered.

Are you using a NAT router? If so, it will intercept the port scans coming in, since it is ahead of CFP. Bypass it if you want to do a CFP test. In general, a router will block most external incoming connection requests before CFP ever sees them.

In your other topic, you said you have DSL and a modem, but no router. Let me ask this question: what’s the make and model of your modem? Some modems have firewall or firewall-like capabilities, and yours may be one of them.

Ah, didn’t see the earlier post. Also, who is your ISP? Some (like mine) have firewall options also.

Thanks sded & grue155…The make of the DSL modem is Speedstream 4200 Ohio made by Siemens…the ISP is

Here’s a link

Siemens SpeedStream 4200 (13A4200001) Bridge
The 4200 is a small DSL 10 Mbps. capable modem with a combined router and firewall supporting PPP and PPPOE, eliminating the need for a separate router in networks. It also handles DHCP requests supplying connected equipment with an ID. This feature can be enabled or disabled or set to DHCP Relay.

more here at this website about it

Thank you frogger.

That is what we on the forums usually refer to as a “NAT/router”, and a very capable one too. Builtin firewall and logging facilities.

Veight, you should be able to login to your modem with your web browser. From what I could find on the web, you should use http://speedstream/ to get to a login screen. The default userid for login is “admin”. There may, or not, be a password if this still the out-of-the-box setup. Best to try a blank password, and see what happens.