Firewall & Live

Hey, i followed the FAQ that allows XBOX 360 Live through the firewall. It all works, except when i test the connetion to XBOX Live, on the NAT part, when the Firewall is on, it says Moderate, but when the Firewall is off, it says Open. Its waaay better to have it open, as Moderate can cause Lag, High pings etc. Anyone know how to fix it? Thanks, Mark.

Anyone help?


Sorry that no one has responded to your post as of yet. Probably due to the weekend…

I’m not familiar with your situation, but I know others are. It will be helpful for them to see your current Network Rules, to see exactly what’s being allowed, and how…

Will you please create a screenshot of your Network Monitor (Rules), and attach it to your next post (using the Additional Options below the text box). If you have the capability to edit the screenshot image, please highlight the rules you created for Xbox Live.



Hi, thanks for the reply, here is the screenshot you requested.

If you need anymore, dont hesitate to ask. :slight_smile:

TNX for the screenshot, Mark.

I presume you set up your rules in accordance with Pandlouk’s post about XBox Live, so that the ports listed in your rules match those (88 for the UDP rule, 3074 for the TCP/UDP rule)?

I’ve done a search to see if I could turn up any additional info in the forums here, but got nothing - there’s a total of 4 posts thus far… :cry:

Is there any software on your computer which specifically pertains to XBox Live? Some interface or something? It seems like there must be, if it’s using your ports… I’ll try to send Pandlouk your way, but I make no guarantees on his availability…



I’ve been browsing through MS’ stuff about XBox, to get a better understanding of what’s happening. They have a connection troubleshooter that might be of some assistance, on the following page…

It also looks like your Dashboard should have a network troubleshooter, in the System area under Network Settings.

Are you using your computer as the Internet Connection host for XBox? (In other words, you’re sharing an internet connection, rather than using a router?) If so, have you set up/configured ICS on your computer, to allow for XBox/Live?

Also, if you’re using Windows Media Connect in conjunction with XBox, it looks like you have to have UPNP enabled for it to function properly.

They have some info on different types of internet connections that can be used, and configuring each, here:

Looks like, too, that MS makes a big deal about using an XBox Live-compatible device to connect to the internet (ie, router, etc). They say that if you use one, you shouldn’t have to do any port forwarding, NAT routing, etc; it should be automatic… ?

You may have already been through all this stuff; if so I apologize for throwing it out at you again. If not, perhaps it will help you track down and resolve the issue.

Also, what do your CPF activity logs say in regards to XBox? Both Network, and Application side?


The tutorial I made is based on the microsoft instructions. Those are the only ports that xbox uses to communicate.

have you try disabling “do protocol analysis”? Maybe it will resolve the problem

Wow, thanks for the replies. I just tryed turning that off, it still says Moderate. Sorry to have wasted your time Mac mate, i should of mentioned i’d already been through that part of the XBOX site when i was actually setting it up for the first time :'(. I am running through ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). Any other ideas guys? Cheers, Mark.

Does it work better if you turn off network monitor?
What does your log say?

Not a problem, Mark. I thought you might’ve already seen it, but you never know… :wink:

Okay, so you’ve got the ports set in CPF’s Network Rules. You have a connection via ICS, but it’s not optimal. Something’s slowing it down… :THNK

What AV program are you using; does it have Active protection?

Do you have any HIPS-type, or process monitor/protect software running?

What shows up in CPF’s Activity Logs at the times you’re using XBox live?

As part of the connection-sharing, does XBox have any related software installed on your computer; is it listed for “Allow” in CPF’s Application Monitor?

Are you using Windows Media Connect w/XBox; do you have UPNP enabled?

When you set up the ICS, did you go with the Local Area Connection, or PPPoE?


PS: If there’s no related XBox software on your PC and you have the appropriate network set up with Rules in CPF, my thought is that it’s something else; ie, the items in blue.

Right, im using Comdos Anti-Virus (R)
I have no XBOX software on my PC, therefore i cant set it to allow on Application Monitor.
I’m not using Windows Media Connect as far as i know of lol.
And my ICS runs through my Dial-Up connection… (Not 56k lol). Then that shares it with my Local Area Connection which is my LAN, and my Ethernet goes from my LAN to the XBOX 360. If that makes sense to you guys lol.
Heres a screenshot of the Logs, if i did it wrong, sorry.

Also, when i turn my XBOX 360 on, it wont let me ever sign into XBOX 360 Live straight away, i have to go to the PC, disable and re-enable the LAN connection so it will pick up the connection, does anyone know how to fix this one also? As its quite annoying as i play alot lol.

Who do you know in China [City: Henan, Guizhou], with CNCGroup? That’s from the IP listed in your inbound violation… It shouldn’t be related to XBox, as it’s not one of the ports MS says are used. Are all the inbounds from the same IP?

Perhaps dial-up is the reason you’re at Moderate… ;D

In your Activity Log (in CPF), if you right-click any item you can export to HTML and save the file. Then you can attach it to your post here (by resaving it in one of the supported formats, under Additional Options). You might want to remove your IP address (block it out, replace with “my ip”, etc) before posting.

The logs should give an idea of what’s happening, if CPF is blocking your traffic for XBox. Perhaps it’s just using too much of your bandwidth on dialup…

You might also, just for grins, try turning off (one at a time) CAVS’ on-access scanner, HIPS (if you’re using the current 2.x Beta), and finally even CAVS entirely. See if any of those make a difference.