Here are the result that should interest the comodo team if it has not been look at yet. Well done for a free product!!! Hope it can be improve so it can be right on top! :slight_smile: Like a product that is not only free but is solid all around! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!! :slight_smile:


Test results:

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That test was only conducted in March 11 of 2006… 88) and it was on a very old version of Comodo Firewall (version 1.1.005 as stated by the site itself). Take a look at the more updated site: and see which one is #1 at this type of test.

WOW Impressive! But can that site be trusted with its results? Any other sites showing the same results? If the site can be trusted with its results then that is job well done!!! :slight_smile:

I hope comodo will keep it up!

Tell me if the results are correct how does comodo ensure that they can gain perfect score in all its leak test? WHy have all the others failed to gain perfect score? Especially Kaspersky!

Are they more test that can be done to conclude that Comodo do really stand out from all the rest??


Matousec has been around for over a year I think. If they weren’t trustworthy in their test results they would’ve been in trouble by now, not to mention the fact that Kaspersky, ZoneAlarm and Sunbelt all purchased their bug package. There are also countless reports of individual users of CFP who found their own tests concluded the same, passing all leak tests. To ensure maximum protection, you’d have to disable certain features in CFP like the safelist etc. Egemen (lead programmer) once stated that it’s not really necessary to do this as the chance of malware utilizing these leak tests (which are proof of concepts, BTW) are slim to worry. In addition, that would lead to more pop-ups, which will annoy newbies.

Are they more test that can be done to conclude that Comodo do really stand out from all the rest??
From the same security site you can find out about other tests by click on each product name: However, these are not leak tests so to continue that topic would be off-topic