Firewall Leakage ??? Bug ???


i noticed something Really Freaked the Heck out of me

i shut down all the Programs that uses the internet

Nothing in the inBound Or outBound Rules

traffic in the Firewall showing Nothing

But Network Monitor showing a little Bandwidth about 128bit down

also the router Light is Blinking

this a snap shot

should i be worried about some kind of Rootkit
Or this is Normal

I personally would be more worried about the 20 blocked Defense+ transactions and the the 2 unrecognized processes running in the Sandbox. Tracking down those might shed some light on your network bandwidth activity.

blocked happenings, and things in sandbox treaten as blocked,
should not run or produce traffic.

TCP/IP protocol is a protocol with maintenance. A server and client are actively keeping the connection alive. That will always generate some traffic. You are most likely seeing traffic to and from your ISP servers.

thanks guys

well those 20 blocked stuff are all False Positives

also those Running in the sandBox

thanks EricJH For the answer

that what i hope is happening

because i have Rootkit Phobia :slight_smile: