Firewall Leak Tester!

This Is Me Talking Below:

I know you said your busy in the recent newsletter but you better be prepared for a firewall that beats jetico plus easier and better interface!

Their firewall has best of norton (program database) zonealarm pro (advanced component controls) and jetico (advanced rules) all in one so get ready for the best free firewall might aswell be best overall firewall because it beats jetico by a million and zonealarm pro by 2 million!

Im using it now and plan to use their brand new av which will also be free!

PS: I tested their new version 2.1 and it blocks every leaktest except your newest one which no other firewall can beat either.

Very well write, I agree with what you say. Plus, I doubt anyone can beat CPF now as it gets better consistently and quickly.


Can you post here your results as to which ones CPF pass and fail.


I will get you results by tommorow for sure!