Firewall Leak Tester - Windows BITS service bypasses default firewall rules

Take a look at:


We have hardened CPF against this case. The update should be available next week.


Sorry it took Comodo 1 hour and 21 minutes to analyse the vulnerability, write the code, test it (sort of) and inform the forum! :slight_smile:

We’ll try to be faster next time :wink:


PS: Can someone wake the other Personal Firewall providers pls, I think they are still sleeping :wink:

;D ;D ;D

Excellent! (R)

I’m anxious to can try and use the CPF! :wink:


Facetiousness genuinely becomes you, Melih! :smiley:

The installer is done, just being tested now. We will make the new installer ready for beta testing next week. So you can have fun with CPF :slight_smile:


you got to have fun :slight_smile: We at Comodo love what we are doing, its not a job, its a lifestyle, its a Comodo Lifestyle! its fun, I do mean it and we all enjoy it :slight_smile: Now we are glad that you are part of it too :slight_smile: Who said security should be boring! right :slight_smile:


I will try this beta for sure :slight_smile: