firewall keeps trying to access the floppy drive

All of a sudden I will be doing something (not just one specific thing) and my firewall will ask permission for that thing and then try to access the floppy drive. At least I am guessing that is what is causing the floppy drive to act as if it is tryng to read the drive when there is nothing in there (get a sort of chattering sound). It just started today and I am not sure why. I do not use the floppy drive that frequently but I do use it. Any ideas why the pc is trying to read the floppy drive (or the floppy drive is making the chattering sound) when Comodo is asking permission for something else?

I did try uninstalling the drivers for the floppy drive and reinstalling them (thinking that may be the problem) but that did not resolve it. Although I have noticed that if I leave a disk in the drive I am not getting that sound right now (but I just did that before coming online to see what the problem may be so I’m really not sure if that is resolving the chatter sound).

Any ideas???

Put a floppy in the floppy drive and see it that helps. Did you recently try to install a driver? Sometimes in that process it may ask to get the needed files from a floppy disk? Is there a device in Device Manager that currently has not driver installed?

I noticed that if I have a floppy disk in the drive it does not do it. No I haven’t tried installing any drivers. The last drivers I installed were months ago and they were for my Linksys adapter. I did try uninstalling the floppy drive and then restarting the PC so that Windows would then reinstall the thing in hopes that would resolve the problem but no such luck. Everything looks fine in the device manager.

I had notice that the only time it seemed to be happening recently was whenever I try to delete something (or directly put something into the recycle bin. Then the firewall has started to ask permission for the delete and the same thing happens when I empty the recycle bin (firewall asking permission and that noise from the floppy drive).

However, it is also making that odd noise as if the firewall is trying to access the floppy drive if I am installing something (such as the software for the Seagate Free Agent) which I was doing a short time ago. I understand the firewall asking permission for the installation but not for it accessing the floppy drive since that is not where the software was. There just doesn’t seem to be just one particular thing that is causing the firewall to try to access the floppy drive. I’m pretty sure it is the firewall since it will ask permission for whatever it needs to be asking permission for and that odd noise like something is trying to access the floppy drive will occur at the same time. The sound as if something is trying to access the floppy does not occur unless the firewall is asking permission for something but it doesn’t always happen when the firewall asks permission. :THNK

Any ideas ???