Firewall keeps blocking apps like an AV.

Comodo firewall keeps blocking some apps as if it were an Antivirus Program.

I have only Firewall installed, all other options I can find disabled but it still blocks things it thinks are malicious.

Is there a way to disable this completely?

Disable Do not show popup alerts and Detect potentially unwanted applications under file rating settings.

Thank you for responding.
Both of those are already ‘unchecked’ but so is “enable cloud lookup”. should that be enabled?

It is up to you but I see no reason to have it disabled, but if you have been using the firewall without cloud lookup enabled, then you most likely came across a rare bug in which files are being rated malicious if rating is not checked for a long period of time for the applications being executed. Only thing you can do to solve for now is to re-install.

Well, thank you for trying to help.

This is something that has persisted over a couple full windows reinstalls and multiple systems so I guess I’ll just deal with it.