Firewall keeps asking permission on authorized sites.

I have just recently installed Comano and setup custom settings and it seems to be working fine exept for one Very annoying problem. When I go to a site that I use regularly, I get the allow/deny pop up window. I select the checkbox to remember then allow. The next day it will ask me the same question for the same site. It even does this with Firefox and IE7. Is there a setting I have missed? I have disabled the windows firewall to avoid conflict.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Tank you.

I get the same as well and would love it to stop, anybody got any suggestions or is this a feature?

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It’s possible that that site requires an add-on extension that Firefox or IE7 calls upon every visit. It depends on which Monitor the alert(s) was/were. Sometimes they may appear to be the same but could be different alerts. Please post some screenshots.

Also have a look at:,6908.0.html