Firewall keeps allowing IE8 unrestricted access

I wanted to experiment to see if i could restrict IE8 to only allow it to browse a select few websites. If I select it in the firewall and apply my policy to it, the next time I open IE8 CIS puts it back as a custom policy with unrestricted access. No popups or questions. Just does it without consulting me.
I’m using CIS 3.12
Defence+ safe mode
Firewall safe mode.
How do I get CIS to stop giving it unrestricted access?


To keep your settings from changing you will have to change the Firewall setting to Custom Policy Mode and change the Alert settings to High or Very high.


Dennis doesn’t mention that the reason it is doing this is because Micro$oft is on the trusted vendor list. So in safe mode it will automatically create policies for products signed by M$.

thank you, I will try that.