Firewall Items Waiting For Review


I’ve been running Comodo Firewall for a week or so now. I have 2041 items waiting for review. Can someone help me with this?

Should I delete/remove all of them? I’m really unsure of what to do and do not want to make a mistake.
Thank you.

Hi tampafl

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First you should “purge” your list. This will get rid of any files in the list that are no longer on your computer. Then you should “look up” the remaining files. This will check against Comodo’s whitelist and mark those on the list as “safe”. Following that you can send the remaining files to Comodo, or remove them all together if you know that they are safe. If you leave them there CFP will not assume they are safe until they are added to your safelist.



I always complete in this order:

  1. Purge - removes obsolete files that no longer exist on your PC, from the list only
  2. Lookup - there are bound to be some or many that are on CFP’s whitelist, so that they can added to the safelist :-TU
  3. Remove all - if you trust all the files on this list are safe, remove them all.

And my post was redundant because was I slow :frowning:

I might add to put D+ in safe mode then you dont get pending files.

Thank you for the great information. One more question. It says there are two things that are listening in the active connections section.Is this ok?

Thank you

Depends what they are. What programs are listening?

It says apple mobile device service and system tvc and another just got added, svchost.

Well Apple service is probably for your iPod or iTunes which is normal but you can shut off the auto updater service for iTunes. Svchost is part of Windows and should be made outgoing only in the firewall policy rules as well as system.

how can i do that?

Do what? I dont use iTunes but if you open up iTunes and go into the settings you can probably shut off the auot updates. I think there actually is an Apple updater you can uninstall. See here for the other things. Look at my reply #253. Open up Comodo and click on the firewall tab then click on advanced.Then click on Network Security Policy.

I just wanted to say thanks to JJasper, and Soyabeaner for those tips.!

Many thanks