Firewall issue

If my firewall is turned on, internet explorer can’t get any webpage. I also have firefox and my ISP, both of those work, but explorer does not. What do I need to check to make sure that internet explorer can get a web page?

So what your saying in a nut shell is Internet Explorer does not work. Correct? You must have blocked it by mistake. Look under the firewall section and see if you blocked it. What happens if you uninstall Comodo?

Internet explorer does work, as in function correctly. I must have blocked it by mistake. How do I unblock it. I don’t want to uninstall Comodo because if I do that, I don’t have a firewall.

There is nothing wrong with uninstalling Comodo. You will not get infected. Geezzz. It only takes 5 minutes to uninstall and reinstall. If you works then how is it blocked? I use Comodo 3.0 but open up Comodo 2.4 and go into the firewall programs and see what you blocked. It is always good to click around a program and teach yourself. This is how I learn. Experiment yourself.

I had something that had to do with explorer, but when I set it to allow, it didn’t solve the problem so something else must be causing the problem. There is no reason for me to uninstall comodo. There are some things blocked, but nothing labed exporer.exe. What do I check?

Explorer.exe or Internet Explorer. Open up Comodo and look under the firewall program settings.

If I go to the security tab and then application monitor, anything that is listed as explorer.exe or iexplore.exe is set to allow.

Then Comodo is not causing your problem. Can you explain clearly what your problem is.

The problem is that if I set comodo firewall to custom and then go to a website using internet explorer, the website doesn’t come in. I have to set comodo firewall to all in order for internet explorer to display a webpage.

My appoligies to anyone, I going to monitor my firewall for a bit to see if my issue still exists or not.

Ok but see Comodo doesn’t have a web shield and doesn’t interfere with web page loading. Your problem isnt Comodo and actually your shouldnt be using Internet Explorer. USE FIREFOX. What are you using for an AV?

One question for you and one answer for your question, why shouldn’t I use internet explorer? more vunlerable then firefox which I have. For an AV, I’m using AVG 8.0

Everybody in here uses Firefox. Some use Opera. Firefox is 100 times more secure then Internet Explorer. AVG 8 causes alot of problems. Use Avast. See here. AVG 8 filters all web sites. Also Comdo is not causing the Windows update site not to work.

I don’t use firefox that often although I know that explorer is not as secure as firefox but it’s up to me on which browser I want to use. When you say that AVG 8 filiters website traffic do you mean the firewall or the virus program? I only use the virus program, nothing else.

Read the article. AVG 8 free doesn’t have a firewall unless you buy the security suite.

I have AVG antivirus 8.0, the paid version so are you refering to avg antivirus or avg firewall? If you’re referring to avg firewall, I don’t have that. The only firewall that I use is comodo. If I have comodo set to custom and then go to a website using internet explorer, the progress bar only fills up to four bars and then nothing else happens.

The only way to AVG 8 firewall is to buy AVG 8 Security Suite which you do not have. AVG 8 itself causes alot of problems. The only thing to do is trouble shot the problem yourself. Constant posting may not solve your problem. Try uninstalling AVG 8 and see what happens when you use Internet Explorer. If it loads fine then AVG 8 is your problem. If the problem still happens then uninstall Comodo and see what happens. You can also try Comodo 3.0 instead of 2.4.

If you read that article they are talking about AVG 8 virus scan. Not the firewall. It is good to understand what your virus does before installing it. Read the website. AVG 8 uses a link scanner which filters web sites before you see them.

I’ll keep an eye on things. Sometimes things work one minute and don’t the next. Now everything is good. I’ll find out if it stays that way or not.

One of the very first things to check with any kind of network access problem, is what is in the firewall log. For CFP v2 that is Activity → Logs.

If there is nothing in the CFP log, then the usual next question is, is the site you are connecting to actually up and running? Can you ping it, or tracert to it? There is the occasional network problem, sometimes referred to as “backhoe fade”, that can manifest itself as very flakey connections.

A firewall by it’s design and it’s intended purpose, is supposed to step in between a PC and the Internet. Then when somehow things don’t work, the first reaction is nearly always to suspect the firewall. That’s the lot of firewalls, regardless of makes the firewall product. Despite the seeming reliability of the Internet, things do break out there. One of the things in troubleshooting a possible firewall problem, is to determine that it really is a firewall problem. The presence of firewall logging data is a good strong hint that the firewall is involved. Absence of data says maybe its a network problem.

That’s why my questions. What’s in the CFP log? and, can you get there from here with a ping or a tracert?

And, an aside: AVG8 linkscanner was disabled/removed a couple of weeks ago in a product update. Auto updates have the changes in place, and the web scanning hammering has stopped. Grisoft is no longer being pulled over the coals for their “feature”, by the blogs, Google, or anybody else.