Firewall is stopping access to internet suddenly..why? what to do?

I have CIS. I recently downloaded updates, and these updates required a restart.
Now after the restart, CIS firewall now keeps the computer from getting on the web? my computer ca not get updates automatically, and comdo itself can not update!
I must manually turn off cis firewall for 30 - 60 mins. in order to get online at all.
Prior to this last CIS update my computer was running super well! …so what ever it maybe in the latest version …I would rather install the version prior to this last one, and just the virus data updates.

Will some one provide me a link where I can get the Next to the latest CIS version please?, and where I can get can the virus updates and not the actual program.

or tell me how to correct the firewall issue myself.

The version I currently have running is : V
I am using a windows XP computer. with service pack 3

And please inform the individuals who need to know, about the issues I am having with the very latest version so that some can be done to correct this issue. Again, thank you

You can find older versions at Filehorse: Comodo Internet Security Download for Windows / Old Versions / .

Can you let Diagnostics run and see if it can fix it? Do the Firewall logs give us a clue?

Hi Guys,
Flywelder I suspect you could be running an older CPU which may not have SSE2 support, this could be the reason the issue as it is a requirement since version 8.2 AFAIK.
CIS doesn’t start on CPU without SSE2 support
What version of COMODO can be installed on Windows XP SP3 - 32 bit ???

Kind regards.