Firewall is scaning for viruses


I have Comodo Firewall installed only.
But suddenly it started checking files for viruses and block some programs even though they are clean.
Windows 8 Version 6.3 (Build 9600)
Comodo Firewall

Can you fix that?
Thank you!

Not a bug, when you launch an executable its file hash is checked against the cloud rating service to see if it is a known trusted or malicious file. You can add file to scan exclusions to prevent the cloud rating alert when it is detected as malware.

How to disable this useless check???

Un-check enable cloud rating lookup under file rating settings.

It was unchecked since I’ve installed Firewall.
The only change I’ve made recently is checked “Filter IPv6 traffic”.

Then you must have run or setup a schedule for the file rating scan.

Thank you for your help!