Firewall is not blocking!


Im using Comodo Firewall. It was working good until today. I noticed that i blocked one of apllcations but its still “checking for updates” and found new update. Application is blocked in “blocked applications”, but when i check activity by this time i see active process of svchost. Maybe there is problem? Its possible that this aplication is connect by other aplication like svchost?

What is best soliton of my problem? I dont want this application for checking updates anymore, i block it and its still checking i dont undestood that.

You need to provide details about your PC configuration!

If you are running Avast 7 and Comodo Firewall on Vista or Windows 7 this is a known problem.
See for more info.

Bug report -

It’s always possible that the application is question has a separate updater. :wink:

As the previous poster said, more details are required.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I dont have Avast. I have G Data Antivirus software.
This update application don’t have other process. I didnt see it in process manager.

What exaclty cofiguration you need?

The name of the application in question would be handy.

Also, what configuration your CIS is set to (Internet, Proactive or Firewall).

Ewen :slight_smile: