Firewall is broken when IDE HDD is plugged in.

I have 2 SATA HDD, one of them has system partition. When I plugin third IDE HDD (there are no IDE devices before I plugin it) and load windows firewall says me that
it is broken and the firewall must be started from here “M:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\cfp.exe” where M: is the letter of plugged 3rd hard drive partition and it has no Comodo folder there at all. All partition letters of my other 2 hard drives are the same. So partitions letters are not mixed indeed. Seems that the problem is in a low level hard drive configuration access of Comodo. I tried to fix the problem using standard fix function of Comodo but it did not help (network did not work at all). When I removed 3rd IDE hard drive, restarted and used diagnostics utility of Comodo it continue to work in the best way.

V3 uses Device intead of drives letters. When you add a new partition windows rearrange the devices names.
This is a design flaw. please submit a bugreport.

The only workaround would be a way to prevent devices reassignment. I found none sofar