Firewall is blocking everything!

the Firewall is more complicated, then i thought.

I can use old application as usual, but i cant install any new one.

Everthing is blocked by the firewall.

Is it possible to config the firewall to block any attack from outside, but let me use my PC as normal.

Anything is marked as a deadly threat! I`ve tried to install ICQ but is wasnt possible.

I need settings to use my PC as normal!

And i need an easy explanation… My english is not good at the moment, becauce of a migraine.

Im from germany, but please dont kill me! (:WIN)



Hope this will be helpful;msg241072#msg241072

While installing new programes

Open CIS>Proactive Defense (right hand corner) - Click on - Change to installation mode

Once installed - revert it back to previous mode (same way)

To block all incoming connections you can stealth the port

Open CIS>firewall>Stealth Ports Wizard>Block all incoming connections