Firewall IP blocking help

I usually try to figure stuff by myself, but really need help from knowledgeable people on this one. I’m trying to play an online game, Minecraft to be specific. Ports are forwarded, but…the other person cannot connect to me. I’ve tried adding the IP to the global rules, but still doesn’t work. I tried connecting to my own ext. IP and I cannot, I can only connect with int. IP. Then, I noticed a rule which blocked all incoming IPs. I didn’t create it. Since I remember Comodo from being a default deny type of protection, I imagine this rule must be related to it. Deleting it did work, the person could connect. But without any prompt. Thus, I imagine that everyone can do the same, rendering me unprotected? Or could the other person connect without prompt because I forwarded the port on the router and on the firewall? What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance people.

If you’re hosting a server, you’ll need to allow TCP and UDP inbound on port 25565. However, Because the firewall rules in CIS are read from the top down, allow rules should be placed above block rules. In Global rules create the following:

Action - Allow
Protocol - TCP and UDP
Direction - In
Source Address - ANY or your friends IP address
Destination Address - ANY or your MAC address
Source Port - ANY
Destination Port - 25565

Action - Block
Protocol - IP
Direction - In
Source Address - ANY
Destination Address - ANY
IP Details - ANY

Make sure the Block rule is the last rule in the list.

Thank you for taking the time to reply friend. I eventually fixed the problem by deleting generic rules and making the firewall ask me on every single access and creating rules on the fly. Probably not the most efficient way, but did the trick…