Firewall Intrusion Attempts

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I have installed Comodo Firewall+AntiVirus, and have been running it about two weeks. I noticed today in the summary 1.947 intrusion attempts. All dated 6/06/09…


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that is coming from your router: – Router and Modem Default IP Address

Thank you very much for your answer. I knew was my IP, but I didn’t understand the destination IP


Since the address is showing as the destination address in your CIS log, it’s the IP address of your machine. What your log is showing, is your router trying to deliver an error message (ICMP type 3, subtype 0 - “net unreachable”) and that CIS is blocking the message.

What that means, is that your PC is trying to contact something out on the Internet that your router doesn’t know how to deliver. And it’s happening at about 5 to 8 second intervals, according to the log snapshot. And that is very unusual.

Are you running any kind of p2p or fileshare application? That could be the cause, maybe.

If not, then from a command prompt, run “netstat -ano” and post the result here.

I am having this same issue. How do you adjust/change the setting so I no longer receive these intrusion logging to the system?

hi everyone.i’ve the same problem,i.e. to many intrusion attempts so far,i’m not sure what they are.pls take a look and help me.
P.S. my CIS is configured as posted somewhere here in forum,for maxi securities,Stealth port with evry one.thanks a lot.

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Please see that post for answers Baptistul