Firewall interfering with torrent download?

I’m not exactly sure if it’s the Firewall interfering with my torrent downloads, but that’s the conclusion I could only come to, since I started having problems with getting connections after I installed the firewall (I only have the firewall installed). I’m using utorrent and the network connection icon is always either yellow or red, and the download speed’s around 2 kb/s. So, help, anyone? Sorry I can’t be any more specific because I’m a computer newbie. If it helps, my computer’s a WinXP with, I think, SP2. I have Avira, Spyware Doctor, Spybot, and an expired trial version of Trojan Hunter. I had the Windows Firewall running before I switched to Comodo.

Hi Twinklebat,

The trick with Torrents is that they need incoming traffic also, so we have to check the setup.
Did you run Stealth Ports Wizard ?

Can you verify the following, CIS, FW, Advanced, Network Policy, search for \program files\utorrent.exe and set it to “Trusted Application” this will allow all traffic coming from and going to uTorrent “trusted”.

Now we only need to see how the global rules are doing…

Stealth Port Wizard’s set to “Define a new trusted network stealth my ports to EVERYONE else”. I checked Network Security Policy, found out that utorrent was under Custom, and set it to Trusted Application (it was already on the list of applications and I just edited the settings). I had utorrent running, and the download speed went up to my usual. But the network connection icon is red (“Not connectable - A firewall/router is limiting your network traffic. You need to open up a port so others can connect to you”).

You need some rules for utorrent working properly.
As for me I’ve made a Predefined Firewall Policy for torrents and I apply it for utorrent/Deluge/Halite/whatever torrent client.
I’m not a paranoiac about tight rules so I’ve made 2 rules: Allow IN for my utorrent port and Allow Out everything. Then in Global Rules I’ve made a rule for Allow IN for my utorrent port and everything works like a charm here with utorrent/Deluge/Halite.

Make sure the utorrent port is forwarded in the router. Check even if you have done it before. I have seen my router change the IP addresses of the computers attached to it after a power outage or after my Isp has gone down for a while. If that happens, you have to change the forwarded port settings or turn everything off and then back on in the correct order.