firewall installer - naming scheme of commodo installers

can someone please shine a light on this.

i have many systems to take care of. i like to download the installer from time to time.
so i always have the latest.

yet i find the naming scheme comodo uses confusing.

the firewall installer i currently use has the name:


yet when i look for a new version i see an installer that is named


now from my naive point of view i would say is the newer installer… but obviously it is not.
having these files on my harddisk archiv is very confusing.

i know i can check the versions number when rightclicking on the installer and check file properties (*).
but from that i don´t know what the latest version is and it is an unnecessary extra step.

(*) (so i know that cmd_fw_installer_6106_c6.exe contains the version

this bothers me for quite some time with comodo but today i thought i write a post about it.
can you please use a logical naming scheme for your installers in the future?

or am i missing something here?

is there a link to the standalone firewall installer? i mean a link that is always up to date?
because i don´t use all the other stuff only the firewall.
i remember getting the whole CIS suite when i only wanted to download the firewall.

thank but as i wrote i have that version already.
i keep checking the forum for announcements but what i was thinking of was a link that always points to the latests FW only version.

OK. How about: Comodo Firewall Download for Windows / Old Versions /

close but still not there. :slight_smile:

that one does not allow to download the latest version just old versions.

Really? You couldn’t find the page with the recent ( release?

the whole purpose of my question was to get a LINK to a website that ALWAYS shows the actuall “firewall only” release.
the link you posted first did not do that. :)… and i did not search any further on that side.

The link I posted above is for the firewall, although Comodo packs all of the features of CIS into one executable. If you are looking for the smaller files that contain just the firewall, I don’t think they offer that anymore. You could download the full CIS.exe and unpack it to get the .msi installers.

Path, once unpacked:

\cis\download\installs\xml_binaries\cis[b]cis_setup_x64.msi[/b] (127mb) or cis_setup_x86.msi (107mb)

But, this isn’t just the firewall. You’ll still need to select to install the firewall only, upon installation.