Firewall Installation problem


I am trying to re-install Firewall but get an error message stating that the program is already running. Do I want to uninstall it - Yes or No. Irrespective of which choice I make, nothing happens.

I`ve tried to remove all references to “Comodo” in both the registry and my hard drive.

Does anyone have any idea why this error message is being generated?


Good question!Why that actually happens,I’m not sure.There’s a couple of things you might try.One,try a system restore,rolling back settings to when you first had cfp on your computer(may be wise to back up any recently downloaded files &/or programs).Two,if you have an older version of cfp,install it,immediately uninstall,then install 2.4.Install,uninstall without reboot.I’ve done both of theses things at 1 time or another, & both have worked for me. (B) (R) (:KWL) (:KWL)