Firewall installation not available for win 10.

Hello, the Firewall installation doesn’t work on Windows 10 pro.
This is what comes up:

Note, you can extract the CIS installation file from the file though and install the entire Comodo Internet Security (AV + Firewall + Realtime)
However this is not wanted…

I don’t want the entire CIS i just want the firewall, is there anyway to just install the firewall? And no you cannot uninstall the AV only via control panel, you can only uninstall the entire CIS program with the firewall… So please can you fix this? Or give a solution. At the moment i have the Entire CIS but i only want the firewall as i have other AV.

ADD: The firewall doesn’t seem to work properly even when you have the entire CIS package installed, here is a picture.

Hi BeNaX,
Can’t wait for CIS Win10 Release ? Check this topic.
Switch Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

i was able to install the firewall by changing the name of the installation file. I was able to install only the firewall however it still gives me the “at risk” “fix it” “the network firewall is not functioning properly”

I have no idea what’s wrong… any solutions?

I’m not sure why some have issues while others don’t when installing CIS but see this topic/post;msg814818#msg814818