Firewall in Custom Ruleset mode creates ANY ANY rule when I only allowed one IP

Hi guys, long time Comodo Firewall user here (5+ years). I just re-installed my PC and the latest CFW v8.4.0

I run a secure setup with Firewall Custom Ruleset mode, ie. I keep a list of trusted IP’s for each application.

Something weird is going on, I am starting from a clean installation but when I click Allow for an IP, it is creating an ANY ANY rule.

This should NOT happen, in my experience it should build an entry for only the IP address I allowed.

I tried re-setting all of my settings by deleting and then re-importing the COMODO - Firewall Security.cfgx file but it didn’t fix this.

Is this a bug, a policy problem, or do I need to set another option somewhere to not allow ANY ANY ??

Please help !!

Click Allow, and Remember

It has created an ANY ANY rule in Application Rules, I don’t understand ?

Here’s my Global rules.

Change firewall alert frequency level to Very High under firewall advanced settings.

Thank you very much this worked, I no longer get ANY ANY rules created by default, the documentation is VERY poor and misleading.

see here: Firewall Settings, PC Firewall, Firewall Protection | Internet Security

Set alert frequency level - Enabling this option allows you to configure the amount of alerts that Comodo Firewall generates, from the drop-down. It should be noted that this does not affect your security, which is determined by the rules you have configured (for example, in ‘Application Rules’ and ‘Global Rules’). For the majority of users, the default setting of ‘Low’ is the perfect level - ensuring you are kept informed of connection attempts and suspicious behaviors whilst not overwhelming you with alert messages. (Default=Disabled)

Nowhere in that description does it say the option changes the ANY ANY rule behavior or that it is even possible to create rules only for a SINGLE IP address.

So if Comodo people are reading this, can you please fix up your documentation and make that clearer to understand ? Thanks

Please raise a documentation bug in Bug reports