Firewall Icon goes off since last update...

I updated my Comodo firewall about a week ago following the prompts. I’m using Windows XP with the last service pack and also AVAST. Since the last Comodo update a few things seem to have gone wrong with it.
The shield with the C in it does not show by the clock any more, I don’t even know if Comodo is starting up with the computer as I have to click a desktop icon to get it to come to life. When I do that, the C appears with the firewall window, but I also get a smaller shield with a C which states updates are available. Clicking it puts a message window up on the desktop about updates available - when I click to get the updates it just cancels!!!
Something has gone wrong with Comodo on XP, so whatever was changed on the last update, can it be fixed please?
I moved from ZA because of continual problems and bugs and similar things have started to creep in with COMODO. Today I completely removed COMODO, then re-installed it after doing a quick registry clean and directory deletion.
Each time I start-up I’m not convinced COMODO is coming on. I’ve checked in the startup items and a valid entry is there. It’s just very odd. At the moment I can’t even be sure the program is even protecting my computer because if one part doesn’t work, what else doesn’t?

It’s a shame as this looked like a good alternative to Zone Alarm.

Not showing all icons in the systray is an annoying shortcoming of Windows XP. Please read How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup on how to work around it.

To see if CIS is properly running open Task manager with “Show processes of all user” enabled. You should see cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe running.