Firewall holds antivirus updates [RESOLVED]

First, sorry if this is a big-time beginner question. But Comodo is keeping my avast virus updates in ‘My pending files’. The only option I see is to then move them to ‘My safe files’. But this still happens again with each following update. It looks like Alwil software (avast) is trusted by Comodo, but it still hangs on to my updates. Two questions; Is Comodo stopping my avast antivirus updates from being installed properly? And, how can I stop this from happening? Thanks in advance and again sorry for the newbie question.

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With regards to your question…

Firstly, Comodo is not stopping your avast antivirus updates from being installed. The Defense+ module of Comodo Firewall when in “Clean PC Mode” simply treats new files as “Not Trusted”. The “My Pending Files” is simply a list of the files that have come into the system. The files are not moved or quarantined in any way. Think of it more of as an inventory of what’s come into your system. You can block and quarantine these files from this list if need be. The Update Files listed are often simply the temporary update ones which avast removes from the system once it’s applied it’s updates. If you click “Purge” in the “my pending files” window it will remove any files in the list that are no longer on your computer.

The pending files is simply letting you kow what has been introduced into the system and is nothing to worry about. You can Purge / Remove whatever at your leisure. As

When new files introduced into the computer you will probably see a Defense+ Alert if those files try and either alter or write to a protected directory or a protected part of the system.


You can also Add Avast into the list of “Trusted Vendors” under the Defense+ tab.

Hopefullly this answers your questions.


Thanks Eric for the quick response. I was a little worried. That clears it up.

Your welcome. Not a problem… Glad to hear that it cleared things up for you! I’ll mark this as Resolved and lock the topic. Should you need it re-opening for any reason simply PM an online Moderator like myself.