Firewall high CPU usage

Hi guys,
I updated Comodo firewall to version 5 last night, and ever since my system has been running really slow. Checking task manager, it seems like the firewall is running at almost 100% CPU usage much of the time and browsing is becoming a nightmare with Firefox either slowing down or crashing. It probably doesn’t help that I’m using quite an old PC (2.8ghz, XP SP3, 1gb ram) but everything was fine while I had version 4 installed. Beginning to wish I’d left it that way!

Does anyone have any advice, please, or know where I can re-download version 4? Thanks for your help …

I have the same problem, but mine started with the upgrade to 5.0.163652.1142.
Task Manager shows cfp.exe consuming anything up to 60 or 70% cpu even when the pc is idle.

That´s not quite right of course.

Can the two of you try the following? Close CIS by right clicking on the systray icon and choose to exit. Then start it again. Does the high cpu usage go or continue.

When the above does not help try running Diagnositcs (that is under More) and see if it can fix it or not and what it reports.