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I’ve Comodo firewall with Defense+ installed on my PC for the last 8 months and 4 months ago I got my PC checked by a tech(for PSU replacement) and he did something which caused the Comodo systray icon to disappear and my foolish brain thought that he just removed it from the systray and it’ll be running fine in the background and moved on.

Well, 4 months passed by and today I noticed that I can see the firewall icon in my systray if I open Comodo firewall thru the desktop shortcut . Does that mean that the firewall will start only if I open Comodo firewall???

I investigated a bit more and found out that before opening COMODO firewall I can only see this entry Cmdagent.exe in killswitch and after opening Comodo firewall I can see CFP.exe and Cmdagent.exe.
Can anyone please help me out??
Thank you.

Edit: I can remember slightly that he has disabled MSCONFIG,does that have anything to with all this???

Hi yellowwarrior,
Go to Windows start menu, type msconfig into the search bar then enter.
Click on the startup tab and see if you have a Comodo Internet Security entry (cfp.exe), make certain the check box is ticked.

Hey Captainsticks,
Thanks for replying.

Well can you rephrase your post coz I’m not sure what you want me to do.
Go to start menu, then enter msconfig into the search bar(can’t find the search bar)???
Excuse me for being too nooby(Got a sore throat).

This procedure is for Windows 7 Prof and higher, or Win 7 Home, admin account.

Hey Solarlynx,
I got Win Xp on my box(Forgot to mention that above).

Sorry my mistake for presuming.
Open MSCONFIG in XP instructions

Why would a Tech play with your system settings to replace the PSU?

Well ,the tech repaired my PSU and tested the PC for general issues and then disabled MSCONFIG(I assume) to turn off the windows security center alerts(Didn’t have an AV that day).
Okay anyways I’ll get back to you after following the instructions there.

Hey captainsticks,
Opened MSCONFIG and checked the startup tab. The cfp entry is not checked.
Well now shall I check it and enable MSCONFIG(If so how to??).
Please lemme know.
Thank you.

Put a tick into the CFP entry check box, click apply then OK.
Reboot required for changes to take effect.
Fingers crossed, after reboot the systray icon returns.

Hey Captainsticks,
Followed those steps and MSCONFIG asked me to restart for the changes to take effect.
Restarted the PC and saw the message in the pic attached below.
After pressing OK it took me to the general MSCONFIG window where I pressed OK and then it asked me to restart for the changes to take effect ???
Restarted again and still I see the same message in the pic and after clicking OK it takes me to the MSCONFIG window again and asked me to restart where I this time selected not to restart and posted here.
Please help me out.

[attachment deleted by admin]

In the General Tab of MSCONFIG choose Normal Startup, Apply, OK, Reboot, I imagine the Tech has set this to Diagnostic startup which explains why CFP was disabled.
Apologies for not thinking of checking there first up.

Note: Check that CFP is still ticked after selecting Normal Startup.

Thanks for your help.
But after following those steps I got yahoo messenger and INCD essentials popping on startup which never happened since the install of windows xp on this box.
Please lemme know why this could’ve happened and also please lemme know how to disable those 2 programs from starting up on startup.

Well, I’m assuming that the issue I mentioned in my above post occured bcoz the tech(not the one that replaced the PSU) that installed Win Xp on my box at the start could’ve disabled unnecessary startup items(Yahoo messenger, INCD essentials etc) so I never noticed any program opening on startup(With the exception of comodo firewall). And we set MSCONFIG to normal which could’ve reset the startup items.
Is that possible???

They must be on the system, they would have been disabled with Diagnostic mode selected.
You could find the corresponding programs or you could disable them in MSCONFIG, not the exact correct method but I see no harm in disabling them in this way.
Under Startup in MSCONFIG find the corresponding entries and remove the ticks, apply, OK.
Note: INCD belongs to Nero a CD burning program.

Unchecked those programs and restarted but it again shows the same message as in pic of post 9.
Clicked OK and set MSCONFIG to normal startup and posting this here.

With an intentionally altered MSCONFIG you could tick the check box to not show this message again.
Disabling through MSCONFIG is generally used for testing purposes.
The best way to disable the unwanted services would be through the corresponding program if possible.
Or remove the program if it is no longer required through Add/Remove programs.
Or go to the Control panel, Administrative Tools, Services and disable the unwanted services.

Hey Captainsticks,
Thanks for replying back.
Researched a bit about INCD and came to know that its a mess to remove or disable it.
Can you please help me out??
This is a lil bit off the topic and if you’re not comfortable helping me please move this post to the general help section or anything like that.
Thank you.

Hey captainsticks,
Disabled INCD so disregard the above post.

Well still there’s an issue. In the past 4 months everytime I ran a CCE smart scan it used to detect that MSCONFIG has been disabled, which I used to IGNORE by pressing Ignore.
Just now I ran a CCE smart scan and the MSCONFIG Disabled error is still showing up.
What does that mean and how shall I fix this??

Sorry for my delay in replying, glad that is solved.

Well still there's an issue. In the past 4 months everytime I ran a CCE smart scan it used to detect that MSCONFIG has been disabled, which I used to IGNORE by pressing Ignore. Just now I ran a CCE smart scan and the MSCONFIG Disabled error is still showing up. What does that mean and how shall I fix this??
Are you now running MSCONFIG as normal startup? If you have used MSCONFIG to disable a service in preference to other methods I imagine this error would still show up.

Edit: Quite a severe thunderstorm is nearby at this present time, so if I disappear you know what has happened.