firewall help

hi all

i m new to comodo

i have free avast antivirus in my pc.

i installed comodo firewall now. i dont know is it works with avast or not.i i installed firewall with internet security. so is this antivirus or firewall. is this ok?

wat is sand box?

anybody can help me?

Comodo Firewall runs perfectly fine with Avast.

Comodo’s Sandbox automatically restricts the rights of any programs running inside it so that they may be able to run, but they won’t be able to do any harm to your computer. All unknown files are automatically sandboxed and it is up to the user whether they trust them enough to allow them total access to their computer and unsandbox them. Please be aware that many files will not be able to run correctly if they are sandboxed.

Let me know if I need to clarify anything.

why many files dont run if in sandbox?u mean ma pc will give error.

u said that virus file is transfered into sandbox. but i think virus files transfered in qurantine.

does comodo have sound system to indicate if any virus found by comodo?

there is sound system in avast so i asked?

Let’s say that for a file to run correctly it needs to access a certain folder, but that folder is protected by CIS. This means that when the file tries to access that folder it will crash or give an error. It’s for reasons like this, although there are many other circumstances, that some programs won’t run correctly in the sandbox.

Files that are known to be bad will be moved to the quarantine. Files that are just unknown will be sandboxed. Files that are known to be safe will be given full access to your computer.

ok i understand.

i inserted pen drive in my pc but it did not auto scan. why? i did not got any pop up that pen drive is scanning.

All files are scanned when they are loaded into the memory. Thus there is little effect on the system and all active files are scanned.

Some of the files may have been scanned, but there is no indication for that.

i downloaded comodo internet security which is 55 mb.

i tried to update it and it is 100 mb file to download.

why there is no latest update inside internet security which i downlaoded? why i have to download another update file for it which is very big? in other internet security softwares where exists update inside that software only which i downloaded.

100mb is so big file for dial up memebers. i m using dial up network

The initial update of the AV is around 100 MB. It can however be downloaded on a different computer and the copied to yours.

Follow Where can i download the latest full AV database? for instructions.

does windows 7 compatible with combo

microsoft site says all combo software not compatible. only internet security compatible.

and also check belows link, the views about combo by peoples. check out page 1 and page 2

Windows 7 is compatible with Comodo v3, v4 and v5. The Microsoft site says they don’t have information; that means they don’t know.

The Comodo web site tells you that it supports 64 bits Windows. Simply choose the 64 bits option in the “Choose Operating System” drop down menu.

and also check belows link, the views about combo by peoples. check out page 1 and page 2

Are you referring to this comment:
Comodo Firewall is probably the worst firewall ever. It basically does nothing for most users. They have unfortunately made it so “user-friendly” that the user have no control.

Remove all trusted publishers and it still trusts everything it thinks is from Adobe and probably a whole lot more software. This is totally unacceptable for any serious firewall.

Lets all just agree that this “firewall” is a joke and should be trusted just as much.

That is simply not true. On a side note; his style is troll like. And of course he does not come with any proof… :smiley:

A HIPS based firewall like Comodo is all about prevention of getting any malware installed in the first place. That gets done by vigorously keeping an eye on what is happening under the hood of Windows.

If you go to the web site of Mautousec to the pages of the Proactive Challenge you will find Comodo Firewall to be number one. It is judged the best in being able to prevent the possible installation of malware.

I agree with the reviewer when he says “The Comodo Internet Security is definitively one of the best free PC security products available!”.

i seen views by

dgerson1 at site

“Comodo can destroy Windows 7 Installations
I installed Comodo Free on my fresh Win7 install. I decided to uninstall and then the fun begins. After a normal uninstall process and rebooting, Win7 crashes. Restoring to any step other than Comodo Install resulted in a crash. There are many reports of problems uninstalling this software. I would avoid installing it.”

at different sites i get different views for antivirus software.

is free internet comdo security also protects from virues,spyware.

if free comodo protecting from all viruses then why to ugrade it?