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I don’t speak Firewall, but once I installed Comodo Firewall I lost all internet access. I can’t even ping the gateway any more. For some reason Comodo Firewall has changed my IP address to from it previous 192.168.1.x setting. I’ve had to uninstall Comodo Firewall to regain network access.

That was just on my hard wired connection, I shudder to thing what it will be like when I attempt it with either the builtin wifi service or with my Verizon Broadband card.

There has to be an easier way to set up a Firewall…

This is the type of address you get when you lose access to your DHCP server. Did you get a popup and block it, or did this just happen by itself?

Just happened by itself. No popups or anything. Changing the ip/netmask/etc back didn’t help either.
I could not ping either the gateway, nor any other system on the network.

I had connectivity.
I installed Comodo Firewall.
I lost connectivity.
I spent over 2 hours trying to find/fix the problem without success.
I removed Comodo Firewall.
I regained connectivity.

Overall, not a good recommendation for the product.

Never mind.

I installed Zone Alarm [] instead and had it up and running in just a couple of minutes.
IT works.

If you installed Zone Alarm free thats a bad mistake. Zone Alarm free is no better then Windows firewall and more or less cannot protect you. Head on over to Matousec and you will see.

Zone Alarm firewall free has great inbound protection, which is much more important then the outbound. ZA free is a fine solution if you can’t get your COMODO working.

Almost every modern firewall (except PCTools v2) have good inbound protection (even windows firewall)

Not nessesarily, a lot of modern firewalls even fail to stealth all ports. Some firewalls cant ressist exploits, belive it or not most modern firewalls are flimsy when it comes to inbound protection.

Since ksauber’s issue was resolved by moving on to another firewall, we should also move on.

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