Firewall has No inbound connections. They just stopped!


     I installed the new Comodo Internet

Security. And I don’t get inbound connections
alerts anymore. In the summary tab or the log file has not blocked anything in 24 hours.
Don’t feel safe anymore! I use to get hundreds of blocked incoming connections,before this new version.

Can somebody please explain why this is? I tested the firewall
all is stealth and everything seems to be working, just can’t explain
why I have no more inbound traffic showing? Except one inbound connection
on GRC.COM Shieldsup test. It’s either being blocked,since I do come out as Stealth on all tests
but would like to know where the alerts have gone?


Modify the global rule “block IP in” to “block AND LOG IP in” and you’ll see in the log the inbound traffic that has been blocked by the FW.

That worked! I was using the Stealth ports
Wizard and that changed my previous ruleset settings
so nothing was being logged.

     Thank you for your Help.
Modify the global rule "block IP in" to "block AND LOG IP in"
where to find "Block IP in" rule?

Bottom rule screenshot.

Edit changed screenshot to a more up-to-date one

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