Firewall gone from free version of Comodo Internet Security?

Has the firewall been removed from the free version of Comodo Internet Security 8? I tried to download it on a friend’s computer and it installed without a firewall and there was no option for installing it during the setup.

It seems kind of strange to remove it and yet offer it as a separate free program. Were there complications between the two programs together or did I get a bad installer? I tried to install it on a Windows 8 HP laptop.

I hate Windows 8 to begin with, I prefer Windows 7 at the moment.

If it has been removed, then I will not be upgrading to version 8 from version 7 on my own computer.

No, it wasn’t removed, you might have downloaded CAV instead of CIS, if you click “Custom Install” (or similar) in lower left during installation you should get the option to tick or untick Firewall, in the same way if you go to control panel and go to uninstall programs then click Comodo Internet Security and then click CHANGE you can choose to install firewall from there.

In case you did install CIS and didn’t untick firewall and it still didn’t install the firewall, something might have gone wrong either at the download stage leaving the installer corrupted or the installation simply went wrong somehow.